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Meet The Staff At Queensland Chiropractic Group

Chiropractor Mark Abreu
B.SC Masters Chiropractic

Chiropractor Fortitude Valley QLD Mark AbreuAfter being diagnosed with a hip disease called Legg Calve Pethes Disease, Dr. Abreu was told he would never play sport again and would be expecting a hip replacement at the age of 21. After visiting his local Chiropractor who was also treating his sister for headaches, he was put on crutches for four years and had his spine regularly adjusted. He threw his crutches away at the age of 11 and went on to compete at three Australian Trampolining World Titles in Gymnastics! After studying Medical Science at the University of Queensland, Dr. Abreu then completed his Masters in Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney. It was there where he spent his first seven years at the Central Coast, practising alongside one of the leaders in the profession, Dr. James Carter. After returning to Brisbane to be closer to family, Dr. Abreu has now practised for over 17 years, having success with thousands of everyday patients and even Olympic athletes.

Chiropractor Alex Cvetanovic

Chiropractor Fortitude Valley QLD Alex CvetanovicDr. Alex grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, where he attended the NZ College of Chiropractic. With a special interest in the treatment of pregnant and nursing mothers, he is a graduate and internationally published researcher of the International Chiropractic Association Council on Chiropractic Paediatrics.

Throughout his practising in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, Alex has gained extensive experience in his field. He has treated both the weekend warrior as well as professional athletes and as a fitness fanatic, can be found in the gym in his spare time.

Sally WisemanChiropractic Fortitude Valley QLD Queensland Chiropractic Group Sally

Sally has been working in Chiropractic Administration for just over two years now and has experience in various administration roles in the medical and government sectors. She has a passion for travelling, loves the snow and enjoys weekend BBQ’s with friends and family!




Tammy HarveyChiropractic Fortitude Valley QLD Queensland Chiropractic Group Tammy

With a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing, Tammy has been with Queensland Chiropractic Group since the start of 2015. You'll find her either in reception or working on some of our marketing projects. She's an avid gluten and dairy free foodie with a passion for fitness, and spends her spare time freelance blogging, at the gym or whipping up some healthy treats in the kitchen!


Kristina Abreu
Chiropractic Fortitude Valley QLD Queensland Chiropractic Group KristinaKristina is the co-founder of our sister clinic, Wow Wellness, and has two beautiful girls with Dr. Abreu. With a Certificate I and II in Human Nutrition and a Certificate in Nutrition for Disease Management, Kristina loves to get involved in community events, especially fundraisers and charities. She’s the brains behind everything that goes on in the background for both of the clinics and in her spare time you’ll find her with her head buried in a book or spending time with the family outdoors.


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