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Struggling with Shoulder Pain?

shoulder pain

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition where the loose capsule of the shoulder becomes so inflamed that the surrounding muscles progressively tighten and stiffen the joint. Generally a frozen shoulder will lead to the person being unable to move their shoulder either on their own or with the help of another person. The most convincing study results have indicated that prolonged poor posture (rounded shoulders) is the precursor to the condition

Shoulder Bursitis

Small fluid filled sacs called bursa act to cushion the contact points wherever the bones, tendons and ligaments move against each other. When a joint is under load or tension for extended periods of time these sacs can become inflamed. This inflammation will cause pain and reduced movement of the shoulder joint. The cause of shoulder Bursitis is generally attributed repetitive physical movements commonly seen in the work place and particular sports such as golf. As the spine and rib cage is directly related to the shoulder girdle it is important to rule out any spinal involvement in order to obtain a full and quick recovery.

Shoulder rotator cuff injury

There are four rotator cuff muscles the Subscapularies, Supraspinatus,Iinfraspinatus and the Teres minor, collectively they work together to stabilize the shoulder joint through various ranges of movement. Injury to these muscles is very common and can range from impingement and tendinitis to tears and even calcification. Correct diagnosis of thy type and severity of the injury is vital to a good outcome. Causes of injury can range from trauma, overuse, muscle weakness and neck dysfunction.

The team here at Queensland Chiropractic Group have specific training in diagnosing and dealing with shoulder related injuries and will take the time to sit and organise a correct plane of treatment to get your shoulder problems back on track and advise on preventative strategies for the long term..


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