Unwinding & Re-Tracing

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By the time most people visit our clinic they have a lifetime of trauma stored in their body.

As we go through life we subject our bodies to a whole host of little traumas. We fall off a bike, trip over a curb, play sport, crash a car and add into the mix years of poor posture while sitting, sleeping in bad beds and don’t forget high heels, weekend gardening, sitting on our wallets in the car and possibly the worst, reading in bed.

On their own, these small traumas may have only a mild effect, but over a lifetime the accumulative effects can be devastating. In most cases, our bodies will be subjected to a trauma and then the area will heal. However sometimes our bodies do not necessarily heal, but rather compensate for the problem.

Our pain or symptoms may go but the underlying problem has just been shifted. This often occurs when injury is not treated properly or we do not rest the injury or simple, our body just cannot overcome the problem so it makes a compromise. The compromise is made by the body shifting mechanical stress to a healthy part of the body to relieve the injured area. Over a period of time this shift in mechanical stress builds up in the muscles connective tissue, bones and eventually the nerves. The mechanical distortion literally winds the body up and leads to many problems. Once the body just cannot compensate anymore it will tell you by producing a pain that you just don’t seem to be able to heal from.

This is when most people visit there health care professional for help. Unfortunately, many health care professionals simple do not understand the winding up process and only treat the last presenting painful area. This will generally offer limited results, as the true problem is not being addressed.

Our Chiropractors at Queensland Chiropractic Group will identify the areas of mechanical stress on your body and set down a plan of treatment to reduce this stress. As the treatment starts, your body will literally unwind and the mechanical stress will move around your body. This unwinding process will often relieve one area of pain only to find that the pain has gone somewhere else. Each adjustment builds upon the other to unwind your body. This process will often leave the patient a little concerned that they have just traded their initial pain for another, but as the adjustments continue you will find that the pain and symptoms will get less and less. Your body must work through all the stored mechanical stresses to be truly stable and so you can be as healthy as can be. As the mechanical stresses move through your body people often re-live symptoms and pain of an injury that they had in the past. This phenomena is called “ retracing”.

Patients will often literally retrace through a series of old unresolved injuries that they may have suffered many years previous. This is a good thing because you body will be able heal properly and restore balance and stability to the system. The unwinding process is something that is often necessary to get the best result. It is important to note that many people only suffer very mild unwinding symptoms. The time your body takes to completely unwind is really hard to say, as this will vary depending on so many factors. Your chiropractor will be able to give you a better idea of this time frame once they have fully examined your spine.


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